A.I.M. Property Management Company - List of property management companies  A.I.M. Property Management is an outstanding firm specializing in property management for individually owned, condominium units, town homes, single family homes and investment properties. A.I.M. is committed to exceptional service by proactively assessing and maintaining each owner’s real estate investment. We respond professionally and timely to the needs of our owners’ properties and tenants. Our services ensure a positive experience for all our customers and preserve the value of the property. Call now about our free Tenant Placement Offer. (909) 375-8113   When we  purchased our 1st rental property (many years ago) we discovered how expensive it was to hire a property management company because of alll the start up fees.  They wanted as much as 50 to 100 percent of the 1st months rent, maintenance monies, and more.  20 years ago, when we first started gaining our experience, the rent on our home was only $950.00 but the property management companies wanted a full months rent of $950 plus 200 to 500 dollars for maintenance issues.  We simply did'nt have the all the funds to rent out our home as we decided to move to another location.  We have decided to make the whole process simple by assisting our clients with the first tenant place, absolutely free.  We do not charge any start up fees as we work with our clients to establish a maintenance account based on their own financial means.  This no cost 1st tenant placement has truly helped out our clients to reach their finanical goals and make it possible to get started with their investment portfolios.